How to Hire a Good SEO for your Health Business



Hiring a good SEO consultant can be a difficult task because you never know how much the SEO consultant knows and how well they will be able to help. That is why you need to be thorough when hiring. You need to make sure they have had experience with working with SEO and that they were able to rank the business they worked with higher. You need to learn about what they have done from what they say, but more importantly what their past clients say about them.

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Google Itself

Sage Mauk

Outspoken SEO


Here are the best steps to take when hiring an SEO and I will expound on it later on in this blog post:

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1. Get recommendations.

2. Conduct a thorough interview. Make sure they are knowledgeable in SEO and your business.

3. Check their references.

4. Decide who to hire.


Get recommendations.

Get recommendations from friends and family as to who to hire. You can also ask other business associates if they have ever used a SEO consultant. Good SEO consultants can be hard to get so if someone can recommend a good one for you that would be the way to find one to interview. If no one can recommend one for you then you will have to post a job on a job posting site like Monster.

Conduct a thorough interview. Make sure they are knowledgeable.

You need an SEO consultant that has had experience. Make sure to see what their past projects have been? Were those related to your business? If so, they might have some knowledge of how to work for your business.

Check their references.

Talk to their past bosses. You will learn if they were successful as an SEO consultant and were they able to effectively help their boss’s business. This is your time to find out whether they will be able to educate you and provide a solution for your business.

Decide who to hire.

Once you have interviewed a few candidates, it is now time to decide between them. Make sure you have thought closely about who best fits your company and has the most knowledge in SEO and your kind of company.

Hiring an SEO like Sage Mauk SEM can be quite an elaborate process so make sure to set enough time so that you can go through the entire procedure of getting a recommendation or posting a job, then interviewing, then checking their references, and then deciding who to hire. Going through this procedure will ensure that you hire the right SEO consultant. That means you and your business will be benefiting so make sure to do it with care.